Lake Logs

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Lake Testing Data

A regular observation and testing regimen of Quamichan Lake and its water began on April 20, 2009. Donna Hert has volunteered to do the testing and record the results in an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is posted here, and is updated frequently. Click on the "Quamichan Fieldform" attachment link below to review the spreadsheet and informative field notes.

Click here to download the spreadsheets:

Quamichan Fieldform 2009.xls

Quamichan Fieldform 2010.xls

Quamichan Fieldform 2011.xls

Quamichan Fieldform 2012.xls

Lake Log

Flooding on Herd Road, February 19, 2010

The table below documents the geodetic height of the lake (to within 0.5 cm).  Per Dahlstrom has volunteered to check the lake level on a mostly weekly basis, beginning January 22, 2009.

Representative photographs of the lake at various levels are included in some of the individual date-specific postings that follow. The thumbnail shows the flooding in the fields off Herd Road in mid-February, 2010.

If you wish to monitor, mark, or photograph the lake at your property, please check here for the latest observation. Or contact Roger Hart (250-710-3039, to be emailed when a new observation has been posted.

2009 Level (m)
Jan 22 26.144

June 18

25.544 m

June 3, 2009

25.654 m  - water still ponding on low lying fields off Herd Road