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Community Forum Papers 2010

This is a collection of papers (or links) from the Cowichan Community Forum.  The two papers by Donnella Meadows were referenced by Dr. Rick Kool, the moderator of the forum.  Other papers can be found on the BCLSS website.

Maple Bay Newsletter

This newsletter is produced by the Maple Bay Ratepayers Association and often contains items of interest to residents of the Quamichan Watershed.

Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society

Quamichan Stewards are pleased to be able to provide you with Newsletter from our sister society.

Friends of the Earth CANADA E-Newsletter

Friends of the Earth CANADA E-Newsletter is an occasional newsletter produced by Friends of the Earth Canada.  You can subscribe for your own copy at

BCLSS Quarterly Newsletter

These newsletters are produced by the B.C. Lake Stewardship Society in January, April, July, and October.

Back issues can be downloaded as zip files from the BCLSS web site.

News from the Canada - B.C. Environmental Farm Plan Program

The Planning Advisor is an occassional publication from the Environmental Farm Plan Program (EFP).

Quamichan Stewards are eager to promote the methods and best practices of EFP within the Quamichan Watershed.

DFO Newsletters

Community News is a monthly newsletter from Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  Stream to Sea Cowichan is a newletter that was launched in April 2010.


Loonie News - BC Lakes Stewardship Society

Loonie News is the monthly newsletter of the BC Lakes Stewardship Society (BCLSS). A complete set of Loonie News is in the BCLSS newsletter archive.