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Planning for Biodiversity: A Guide for BC Farmers and Ranchers

The Canada – British Columbia Environmental Farm Plan Program
delivered by the Agriculture Council, 2008

Quamichan Watershed Management Plan

Read the Quamichan Watershed Management plan, here.

Quamichan Watershed Managment Plan - Community Response to Survey

Quamichan Stewards presented the proposed Watershed Management Plan to watershed residents on June 23, 2009. Approximately 100 residents attended the meeting and unanimously approved the plan.

A survey form was posted to the Quamichan Stewards Website on May 1, 2009 and distributed at the meeting.

Of the 35 responses to the survey:

St. Mary's Lake Restoration

The enclosed report was prepared for St. Mary's Lake which faces many of the challenges of Quamichan Lake, but is also used for drinking water.

Drainage Basin Feasibility Study

Excerpt scanned from Willis et al


This is a scanned extract from a report prepared by the firm of Willis et al in 1978.  The entire report is available in hard copy.