Reports about Quamichan Lake, and of related interest

Quamichan Lake Restoration Options and Techniques, F. Varga and the Working Group, Apr 2009

Phosphorus Loading Study for Quamichan Lake, Meara Crawford, MOE, Jan 2008

Quamichan Lake Outlet Control Report, D.G. Vincent, D.G.V Engineering Services, Feb 2008

Water Quality Assessment of Quamichan Lake, 1951-2005, Sherri McPherson, Feb 2006

Quamichan Creek Beavers, Ted Burns, Jun 2005

State of Water Quality of Quamichan Lake 1988-1995, Bruce G. Holmes, MOE, Apr 1996

Water Storage Feasability Study, D.G. Vincent, Mar 1987


Other Reports of Interest

CVRD Parks & Trails Master Plan, Lanarc Consultants, Mar 2007

Remedial Agriculture: Reconciling Ecological Restoration And Agriculture
In The Design Of A Wetland Complex
, Christine Rehbein, 2004

Somenos Management Plan, Madrone Consultants, Aug 2001